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How A Floor Lamp Can Change Your Homes Design Scheme

Interior design is a very important part of our lives. Doing it right means applying certain rules and checking each detail. For instance, choosing the right floor lamp for your room can really make a huge difference with the overall result.

Step back and look at your room like a professional would. There needs to be a focal point no matter what room we are discussing. This is basically the most important part of the room that draws the eye of any beholder.

A focal point can be something that naturally within the room, such as a fireplace. You can also create one from nothing, by applying dark color on the wall for example. There’s lots of ways that this can be done, even through lighting. Imagine a large plant that is enhanced even further by pointing light at it. The fixtures themselves saying a lot because they are interesting even when they are turned off. But when they are turned on it is where the magic begins, flooding the particular space with light.

Any professional will tell you that lighting should come from a variety of sources within any and every space. Like this, you have the power to choose how much light you want or how dim you may want it to be. Obviously, if you have a task to complete, you turn on more of these lights.

If you are a reader, then a table lamp that is at the optimum height to provide the light you need is a necessity. Without it, you would be straining your eyes. And obviously, the light that is given from it must be pointing down to some degree at your reading material.

But, there are more choices that you have as a consumer. For instance, you may not have room for a table in the cozy corner that you like to read it. If that’s the case, you can always opt for a floor lamp. There are numerous types of styles that you can choose from. In this case, you could opt for the one which points a general light in an upward direction, but also comes with an arm that point the light downwards. Like this, you have saved space, provided general light as well as task lighting.

Certainly, there is much more that needs to be added to the room. For starters, you should definitely have some kind of a ceiling mounted fixture. Besides those, you can also have a track or pot lighting, for example. Paul sconces are also of great importance in room. These allow the individual to provide for mood lighting. Last but not least, you should use accent lighting which creates the focal points and adds the interest needed.

Home Design Trends 2010

What do I see as on trend for 2010? There are many trends but here are a few that I see going strong in 2010.

Techno Chic: A new beginning, showing optimism and progress with intelligent features that do all the thinking for you. Everything from faucets to fireplaces with high-tech traits that make it so stylishly simple in terms of looks and usability. Water faucets with streamlined features with sensitive-to-touch screen technology that will preset your ideal water temperature and control your water usage, making your bathroom environmentally responsible while stylishly chic.

Ode to Nature From staircases to shower stalls I am seeing nature-inspired decorative graphics abound. Concrete staircases sporting a meandering tree branch graphic motif. Incorporating all things natural, architectural and sustainably designed into one ultra-modern Zen package.
Ethnicity Craftsmanship is treasured. Folkloric patterns and intricate elaboration: embellishments, embroidery and details are embraced in this trend.

Color Futures Earth’s Elements: Natural colors drawn from plants, minerals and soil, such as under-ripe olives, yellow ochre, iron oxide and tarnished gold. Pale earth tones mixed in are used on shiny surfaces such as reflective lacquered white sand, patent pale avocado and burnished metals.

Illusion: The atmospheric light-enhanced tones of watery blue-grays such as the “Castle Walls” color used in the Encore penthouse. Translucent and fluid cloud colors of smoky steel grays grounding this palette are vermilion red and horizon brown.

Cityscape: A sharp modern palette made up of flesh, silver, deep purples, water aqua, navy blue and a very pale apple green. There is no doubt that the livability of our planet will continue to dictate a new design framework for us all.

Who are my design icons: My tastes are a wild mix! Warren Platner, Philippe Starck, Charles and Ray Ames, Andre Putman for their attention to detail and modern simplicity. Sister Parish and Jamey Drake for their use of color and putting things together that they love and not because they match. Barry Dixon, Barclay Butera and Ralph Lauren for their sophisticated yet relaxed blend of timeless design. Thomas O’Brien and Kelly Wearstler for their edgy luxurious design and Barbara Barry for her paired-down elegance.

Tip: Take your time and buy quality — you will love it forever! From area rugs to upholstered goods, relentlessly seek out quality. Remember, quality provides a richness and depth that cannot be duplicated.

Finish Off Your Home With Interior Shutters

The quickest and easiest way to finish off your home’s decor is to hang curtains or draperies at your windows. They come ready made for the most common window sizes, and are easily hemmed if necessary.

You might also think that curtains and draperies are also the most economical type of window covering you could use, but that is not necessarily the case. Interior shutters may at first blush look like an unneeded expense, but the services they provide can be invaluable, and there are so many stylish designs available that you would be hard-put not to find one that matched the decor of every room in your home.

The sun gives life…but it also takes life away. Just as your skin can dry out or burn if you are exposed to direct sunlight for too long, so can the fabric of your couch and chairs, the brightness of your paintings, and the vivid covers of your books fade away. It’s a gradual process and you will not notice the destruction until it’s too late to do anything about it. If you do not keep your curtains closed at all times, that direct sunlight will pour in. But who wants to keep the world shut out forever?

But there’s more than sunlight to worry about. During the winter months do you constantly feel cold drafts coming from somewhere? Chances are they are coming through your windows. Again, you’d have to keep your curtains or draperies closed at all times during those months to block off those drafts – and to keep heat from escaping. And once again you’d be unable to look out at the pristine whiteness of the snowscape outside your windows.

The solution is interior window shutters. Whether you want wooden shutters or vinyl blinds, there are hundreds of styles to choose from, so you are bound to find something that will fit both your pocketbook and the decor of your home.

Interior shutters are louvered. This means that they have adjustable slats which you can tilt in such away to allow in as much sunlight as you like, and which you can close completely when desired. These shutters will not only keep out the light of the sun but also the heat, so you might even find a savings in your air-conditioning bill!

Colonial shutters come with narrow slats, or louvers, while Plantation shutters have louvers that are much wider. Shutters come in either wood or vinyl, and there are many reasons to choose between them, which you know best yourself.

You can pay someone to install your shutters for you, or you can install them yourself. Either way, you must make sure that you take accurate measurements to ensure that you don’t buy a size too large or too small. Nothing will detract from the look of your windows more than having a noticeable disparity between the size of the window and its shutter.

Visit your local home improvement stores such as Menards or Home Depots to see the materials they have, and to discuss your project with a knowledgeable staff member. There are also more upscale furnishing galleries to give you a look at the wide range of shutters available, and you will also want to surf the web to compare prices.

Once you’ve made your decision, made your measurements (and checked them twice) go out and get those shutters. And protect your home furnishings behind stylish shutters for years to come.