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Interior Decorating – Bringing a Flat Screen Into Your Home Design

The recent International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas further proved that flat screen TVs are all the rage. They are getting thinner and thinner and also are featuring more designer options such as color and attractive stands. Many designers who previously did everything in their power to hide them are now admitting defeat and realizing that tech toys are a source of pride for most consumers and that they want to display them front and center. While I admit I have hidden them in armoires and built-in cabinetry in the past, I am finding it is easier to work them into the design these days. The fact that they are so thin and can be hung on the wall is a huge plus. Also, many companies have caught on to the trend and there are many attractive storage options for the components.

I know it is tempting to purchase one at the spur of the moment when the price is right, but if you want your new tech toy to fit more seamlessly into your home keep a few things in mind:

  1. Size: Bigger is not always better. You should purchase a TV that is going to work best in your home and that means taking the viewing distance into consideration. How far are you going to be sitting from the TV? CNET has some great advice to share on this topic.
  2. Location: Where is your cable hookup and are you prepared to move it to where you think the TV looks best? Is the light from the windows going to shine on the TV? Do you want to be able to see the TV from the Kitchen?
  3. Height: Whether you are hanging the TV on the wall or putting it in a cabinet or on a stand, the right viewing height is critical. You do not want to be craning your neck to see the TV. The middle of the TV should be in line with your eyes. For a 6′ person that is about 52″ above the floor. Consider everyone in the family and average it out.
  4. Components: That TV looks pretty slick all by itself, right? Well do not get used to it because you still need to hook up the cable box, TiVo, stereo, DVD player, speakers and computer. Where are they going to go?

Basically you can buy a stand, have someone build it in or have the components tucked away remotely in a closet. But remember, all these options are going to cost additional money. Stands are your least expensive option and there are some very nice ones out there.

Happy Viewing!

Home Design Secrets – Ask Your Self One More Question After the Plans Are Complete

Here’s some questions you need to ask yourself, you designed the house, it looks good, makes sense and now you’re ready to build. Are you really done? Is everything really how you want it? Can you clearly see how the home is going to function? And last but not least, have you allowed any money in your budget for changes.

The elevations usually give you an idea of what the exterior of the house is going to look like in most homeowners can get a pretty good idea about the exterior and even some of the interior sections of the home.

You’ve probably spent enough time working with the architect and may be the contractor and you could even be totally done, with this part of the planning. Let’s just start building the home, between the architect, the engineer and your local building department, you’ve had it and would like to start the project.

I know what you’re thinking, I know where you’ve been, now I want you to focus on my original question. Can you clearly see how the home is going to look?

Make sure, and I mean make sure that you have a good idea, what your home is going to look like. After the home planner, architect and home designer have given you your plans and they are now complete, spend at least one hour each night, examining the plans and make sure that you are comfortable with the layout, each room, exterior and interior design.

Any changes that you need to make now are going to save you lots of money in the future, even though they could delay the job for you few more months. This is very important and you really need to examine the plans, thoroughly.

Happy home building and I hope this helps, because I have saved homeowners thousands of dollars, simply by asking the question, are you really sure that this is what you want.

Front Doors Offer Pretty Home Design

Valuable property makes a valuable impression on you regarding your home. Front doors can considerably change the interior and exterior look of your home. This is of particular implication when installing them so make the new modern home.

Front entrance doors become more popular in the residential and commercial market with the most important features like durability against changing environment conditions, flexibility.

Stylish Look and Structural Design
There is a wide variety of natural colors and styles available in front doors that are also matches the color of your home. Front entry doors with structural design convert impression of your home among the real world. They offer interior and exterior your home with pretty look. They save the space of your home so you can use your home with wide space, also long-lasting for many years.

Front doors are available as aluminum, uPVC, PVC, PVCu, steel, OAK, french, double glazed, composite, wood front, glass, sliding, metal, flat entrance doors, so these types with the suitability of your home.
They also offer security features to your home with multi-point locking system so do not worry regarding safety of your family.

Get as Low Prices
In today’s competitive market you can get more suitable prices option within your budget for front doors, online option gives you better way for purchasing them.

Front entrance doors not only create impression of your home as structural home but with their features make your home architectural in changing real world’s fashion.

Front doors can prove their best strength to home improvement and also attractive home look.