Bi-Fold Closet Doors Are Smart Home Design Features

When people are speaking about bi-fold closet doors, they tend to believe that these doors contain panels that swing out. However, these doors contain two panels that are fixed to the hinges, which is how the bi-fold doors swing out. The panels on the doors refold allowing entrance to the closet from either side. Regular sliding closet doors only allow access from one side at a time.

No matter the shape and size of one’s closet, bi-fold closet doors can be custom-made to fit. They are purchased two at a time in order to be functional hence the name “bi-fold”. There are numerous colors and fashions to choose from with these doors along with custom-made shapes, which prove they can be easily blended with the rest of your home’s décor. Closet design ideas are abundant, which make them a wise investment for any homeowner.

Ideal for bedrooms

Some of the best bi-fold closet doors for your home are the flat panel, mirrored, louvered and raised panel closet doors. These styles can be installed in bedrooms large or small. The ones for bedrooms are typically larger due to the storage that most closets supply. Any of the designs mentioned will accommodate the storage and spacing needs for the bedroom.

Ideal for other rooms throughout the home

Bi-fold closet doors do not have to be limited to bedrooms. These doors look great in bathrooms and kitchens as well. The size you should use in other rooms within the home interior greatly depends on location and the size. They allow access to any room or storage space with little effort and ease of access.

Mirrored doors

Bi-fold mirrored doors look of elegant and stylish. There are numerous well-designed looks to pick from for any room within the home. These types of doors can dramatically change the overall look of any room or bedroom. The mirrored versions are popular in bedrooms that are shaped differently in comparison to other bedrooms. Having mirrors on these doors are great for cutting out the expense of a dressing table or room. These doors look great in dining rooms, living rooms and play rooms.

What makes them popular?

Some homeowners have walk-in closets or simple reach-in-and-grab closets. Bi-fold doors are great choices for an abundance of reasons. The beauty of these types of doors is simply striking. Comparing them to other closet doors, they are elegance and give flair to rooms that may otherwise appear simple and drab. One must ensure that they explore the numerous beautiful designs and colors because you want the rest of the furniture and décor to appear just as beautiful as the bi-fold closet doors.

Easy access to closets:

These closet doors provide easy access to closets. The hinges attach to the doors, which allow them to be opened wider in comparison to other closet doors. This gives homeowners easy access and peace of mind, especially if they need easy access.

What types of designs are available?

Styles and designs are varied when you consider their versatility. One might want to look at the Victorian styles that provide a gorgeous, classy and traditional look in the home. There are many advantages to owning bi-fold doors but there is one disadvantage, which comes to mind, and this is the hinges on the doors. The hinges rust easily which is why proper maintenance and care is essential. One does not want to have to continually be replacing the hinges all the time. This task alone over a period of years can run into serious money. Take care of your investment, which will pay for itself in the end while giving your home the quality, style, and durability you want.


Bi-fold closet doors are available in numerous designs, styles and sizes. They are manufactured in standard sizes however, if your room configuration requires an irregular shape the door can be custom fitted easily. They are becoming a more popular alternative to regular closet doors. Make a creative statement in your home by first determining how you can use this simple home accessory.

Lighting Trends in Home Design

If you want to keep up with the latest trends in home design and lighting you should probably go beyond the usual standards, ignore all the advice given to you by professional interior designers and go for a personal style. At least this is the latest trend.

With so many models, coming in all possible sizes and shapes, people find it easier to opt for a personal style when decorating the interiors of their residences, at least when it comes to lighting fixtures. This phenomenon has a simple explanation: the use of light is no longer reduced to simple illumination purposes, but goes further than this status towards self-expression, mood lighting, accent lighting, architectural lighting and even landscape lighting.

The choice of lighting products is increasing also due to the various lighting technologies that bring different advantages to the consumers and are used in different applications. If light fixtures designers are living a moment of glory, lighting designers are facing a real dilemma; clients prefer to choose the lighting fixtures alone and employ light technicians to mount them. This doesn’t mean that lighting design is a profession doomed to be outshone! It’s probably just a phase until consumers realize that only a professional designer can create a interrelated structure between illumination, structural design and interior decoration.

But most of the users still choose the lighting fixtures alone and their choices vary between three “root-styles”: elegant, traditional and contemporary. The average consumers choose their light sources based on price (cheaper are winning), but some take into consideration other factors as well and the most important is energy efficiency. Although energy efficient luminaries are more expensive, they help cut back electricity consumption. You probably already have in your home a reading lamp with dimmer switch or other light sources of the kind. Dimming the light is one way to cut back costs but it also saves energy and extends lamp life. Compact-fluorescent lamps and light emitting diodes (LEDs) are also very popular choices.

Lighting is not used solely overhead, as it used to be. Today light sources can be used to create a mysterious atmosphere, to enhance the mood of a room or to spotlight an artwork. When it comes to mood lighting, there’s nothing better than concealed light sources to highlight a painting or backlights to generate a warm glow behind curtains or pieces of furniture. When it comes to mounting the lights in their homes people become more and more creative. Nowadays it’s almost usual to see special lighting effects on the walls of the living room, as usual as it is to see dimmers and solar garden lamps.

Consumers react differently to lighting and lighting objects. Some even buy based on “I like it” more then on “I need it”. Let’s face it: do you really need a LED cube with a wooden frame to impress your guests or a mood light panel to relax? Not really. But this type of lighting products sells like crazy nowadays and a the trend will probably grow.

Top 4 Essentials For the Designer Home (Designer Teapots Are a Must)

We’ve got the top tips to help make your home the envy of all the neighbourhood. With just a few simple tips up your sleeve you’ll see how easy it is to transform your interior. From colour schemes to items which are functional and display worthy such as the teapot you’ll be surprised how easy it is to revamp your home.

Colour schemes

The colours of your walls, floorings and furniture make a huge difference to your home. Classic and simple is always best. When choosing which colour to paint a room always think to yourself, how will this look in 5 years time? It may seem like playing it safe but by keeping with set colour schemes throughout your house you’ll find the flow of the space much better than if you had multiple colours throughout.

This is not to say that a feature wall is out of the question. Just make sure it marries with all of the other colours in the house. If your using crisp whites and cooler blues, stay with that colour palette. If you are using creams and warmer tones of yellow, stay with colours that match those tones. As a general rule, ceilings should always be white.

Timeless furnishings

Furniture can be a difficult to purchase. The main thing to remember is to purchase items which are of a high quality and are not designed simply because of the emergence of a brief trend. By that I mean choose furniture that is classic and marries together.

Lounges and dining room suites should match in similar colours and if you have wood furniture it’s best that all pieces are similar in colour unless you are going to use antiques to decorate your home. To manage the contemporary look in any home the colours need to be minimal and consistent.

Quality items that are multifunctional

Items that are functional and decorative are perfect in contemporary homes. A bright coloured glass vase or a silver teapot can really lift a room and are also items which are functional. They allow you to have decorative items around the house without cluttering and they also double as a functional item as required. So that means you don’t need to host a tea party in order to show off your Victorian style silver teapot.

Mirrors also work wonders in small areas. They can give the illusion of more space. When choosing a mirror, the size and frame is crutial. Make sure the frame blends in with the rest of the decor and the placement of the mirror is effective in creating the illusion of more space. Putting a mirror at the end of a hallway or as a feature on a main wall of the house is most effective.

The golden rule

Always remember. Less is more. When going for the contemporary look in your home keep it minimal. No excessive displays of trinkets or wall hangings. A few simple feature pieces are the way to go.